Ubuntu Learning is an innovative blended educational initiative (online and in person) from Western Canada. It is the combined efforts of two long time educators, Barbarah Nicoll in the Kootenays and Mark McGivern in Victoria, who bring over 40 years collective educational experience as school leaders and teachers. They are committed to deepening the learning experience, bringing humanity to the technology of online learning, and fostering online learning in an enlivening manner.


While Ubuntu is for everyone, Barbarah and Mark especially  want to work with Waldorf teachers and administrators searching for engaging ways to deepen and renew their relationship to the roots of Waldorf education through individual and group learning experiences. In a similar way they are designing offerings for youth who are wishing to explore the worldview of Anthroposophy and how it contrasts to the contemporary materialist worldview.


In the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’, a word from central and South Africa meaning “humanity”  – Ubuntu Learning is about the essence of being human in relationship to other human beings – meaning my humanity is related to yours so I can only be truly well if you are. Ubuntu is an expression we feel beautifully captures the spirit of our current times, what Rudolf Steiner calls the consciousness soul era,  which is grounded in the idea of coevolution, of interdependence and mutuality.


The Ubuntu Learning approach is a process where the content of a particular theme is worked with individually and collectively, so that deeper learning and connection to the theme may arise as a result of the work together. An Ubuntu offering will consist of a series of experiences beginning with a podcast on the theme, then a day and evening participatory workshop, followed by an individual short study course, and ending a couple of weeks time later with a final gathering for intentional conversation and sharing on the topic. Our goal is to foster a community of conversations where mutual listening and participation enhance the individual journey of understanding.


This Fall Ubuntu Learning will be launching its website and inviting people to join us for a rich series of learning opportunities that will support teachers, parents, school administrators and young adults. We look forward to talking with you.


Barbarah Nicoll & Mark McGivern          ubuntu@lifelonglearningsociety.org