An Invitation to Collaborate

In 2016 the Canadian Anthroposophical Society hosted a national conference at which members were invited to give short presentations on areas of personal research. The event was quite a success and generated much interest.

Given the world circumstances with Covid-19, Ubuntu Learning wishes to host an on-line version of this idea where people interested in Anthroposophy can gather and share their individual research projects.  Barb and Mark have many years of experience using online gathering forums and will put that experience to good use. The gathering will be dynamic, interactive and participatory.

We are imagining a late spring/early summer date. We see the following happening before we choose a specific date and time:

  • interested individuals join us in an organization working group, hosted by Mark and Barb
  • interested presenters submit an outline of their idea. The working group will help guide the idea into a presentation-ready format, if needed. Ideas should be original research that the presenter has been pursuing and wishes to share either their process and/or conclusions

If you wish to join us as a presenter or helper please complete the Symposium Collaboration Form.