This course will be of interest to anyone wondering what anthroposophy has to say about mythology. The course is accompanied by a ‘Living Inquiry Guidebook’ that guides the learner from conceptual content to an inner experience of the link between the human story and our own process of becoming more fully human.   

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Part 1 – Anthroposophy and Myth

Why This Course?

The Living Inquiry Process

How Myth is Understood

The Evolution of Consciousness is the Human Story

The Conceptual Picture of the Evolving Human

The Human Story in Time

The Macro Picture and Human Civilizations

Chart of Individual Myths and Evolving Consciousness

Stepping Out and Stepping In

Part 2 – Exploring Mythic Image

The Stories of Creation – Biblical and Norse

The Story of Thor

The Story of Moses

The Story of Theseus

The Story of the Golden Fleece

Part 3 – Art Invitations

Mythic Image and Becoming Human