Myth and the Human Story

This series of workshops is designed to help orient new Waldorf teachers, both trained and untrained, toward a nourishing engagement with Anthroposophy, the understanding of the human being that lies at the heart of the Waldorf approach. We want to assist new teachers in developing an understanding of Anthroposophy, one that leads from knowledge of the curriculum to, as Monica Gold says in Fairy Tales and Art, “carrying the consciousness” of subject matter in a manner nourishing to both teacher and class.

In Myth and the Human Story, we explore the anthroposophical picture of the evolving and developing human being as seen through the mythological stories told by Waldorf teachers through the elementary grades.

Firstly, we look closely at the challenges of understanding a view of the human being that seems to stand outside the boundaries of modern science. How can a Waldorf teacher hold a rational, scientific and meaningful view of human and natural history that seems at odds with contemporary thinking? Does this not make us out of step with our times?

Secondly, we will identify and explore the actual origins of the myths as reflections of the stages of the evolution of the human being through cosmic, mythological and historical time. We will explore and share the inner feeling sense evoked by mythic images, moving from intellectual knowledge of the subject matter to an inner working with its contents. We will address the question: When the teacher ‘carries the consciousness’ of a subject, how might this affect children? What inspirations might be stirred?

The workshop is an opportunity to connection to the roots of Waldorf education, share your journey as a teacher, make new connections, speak and listen. Presentations, discussion and a variety of activities will make up our time together.