Living Inquiry Study Groups

Out of the tradition of people gathering to share a journey of knowledge facilitated by a text, these groups are guided by a facilitator who supports the listening, engagement and conversation of the group.

We are forming a group to study Knowledge of the Higher Worlds weekly beginning May 25th 4pm-5:30pm PST. Join us if you can.

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Courses are self paced and mentor supported through dialogue. Courses are accompanied by a ‘Living Inquiry Guide’ booklet.

Current Course Offerings:

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: Life Phases and Rhythms of Development – available July 1, 2020

This approach to understanding human development and biography for self-learning is based on viewing the human as a physical, psychological and spiritual being. This sounds simple, yet is fraught with controversy. The topics of human will (are we, can we, be free?) and the human soul (what does this mean outside of religious streams?)  are questions that live at the root of psychology and philosophy. For the purpose of this approach to growing our understanding I am resting in the work of Rudolf Steiner, as he offers a guide for understanding that I have found valuable and practical.


This course explores the relationship between the evolution of consciousness and mythology. Our focus is the myths from the Waldorf curriculum. We explore how the story of humanity’s becoming human is told through images and how these images can live with us today.

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