Deepen your understanding of the nature and meaning of groups of myths told in the Waldorf curriculum. This short course is an extension of the Myth and the Human Story workshop, but available to anyone at any time.

The course will compare the anthroposophical understandings of the nature and meaning of myth with contemporary views. British anthoposophist Owen Barfield’s statement, “Myth is the ghost of concrete meaning” will be given consideration. Case studies will include stories from each major mythology group of the curriculum including: Egyptian, Hebrew, Norse, Greek and Arthurian.  These case studies will help participants connect the mood and imagery of specific myths with knowledge of their origins and meaning.

For children, myths provide age-specific imagery of the nature of good and evil that later in life can be a source of ethical and moral thinking. For adults too, especially teachers, the same stories, combined with understanding of what they represent, can provide a rich ground for cultivating inspiration for practical work and inner confidence in one’s spiritual path. 

Start Date: Spring 2019

Mark McGivern will be available through email for guidance through the course and will periodically gather students who wish more sharing and conversation.