Life as a Living Inquiry

Ubuntu Learning is for those with a longing for a practical understanding 
of what it means to be a human being in our times.


Ubuntu is a Southern African word that means interconnected humanity, something like, “I am because we are.” The essence of being human is our relationship to other human beings. The idea of ubuntu incorporates the values upon which we base our educational work – collaboration, connection and conversation.

Ubuntu is an expression we feel beautifully captures the spirit of our current times, what Rudolf Steiner called the consciousness soul era, which is grounded in the idea of co-evolution, of interdependence and mutuality. 

Our work is informed by Anthroposophy, a science of the spirit, developed by Rudolf Steiner. Anthroposophy means the wisdom of the human being and was developed as a necessary complement to natural science. It is a philosophy that people of many cultures, religions and philosophies of life have found useful in growing and enriching their sense of what it means to be a human being.

The goal of Ubuntu Learning is to unite our values with the philosophy of Anthroposophy through an approach called ‘living inquiry’. This approach enriches conceptual understanding with experiential learning, reflection and artistic projects. Living inquiry is a path of learning that keeps knowledge alive and emergent.  

Given current world circumstance all of our offerings are by donation.
We also welcome your ongoing PATRONAGE if you are able.


We invite you into Ubuntu for conversation through:

Conversation Circles: weekly theme-based, facilitated, virtual conversations.

Webinars: monthly, focused offerings.

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Our learning community hosts group learning invitations on specific topics through longer courses and study groups where we dive deeper into issues and topics that matter to us.


“Human Life Phases and Rhythms of Development”

“Myth and the Human Story”.

Coming soon: Art History, World Religions, Listening and the Etheric Heart

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LIVING INQUIRY STUDY GROUPS explore the core works of Rudolf Steiner, beginning with “Knowledge of Higher Worlds”. Beginning weekly May 25th, 4-5:30 PM PST. Let us know what other texts you are interested in on the registration form.

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Group projects that emerge out of our desire to renew and strengthen our ability to engage with the questions of our times. One current idea is to host a virtual RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM on emergent themes and topics, for example artificial intelligence and the future human, that are of importance in the anthroposophical community and elsewhere.

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We welcome you to our project and hope to converse, connect and collaborate with you!

Mark and Barbarah

Empathy is awakened in the right manner if we take an interest in a being; and if, as anthroposophists, we set ourselves the task of extending our interests more and more and of widening our mental horizon. This will promote the universal brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind. Progress is not gained by the mere preaching of universal love, but by the extension of our interests further and further, so that we interest ourselves more and more in souls with widely different characters, racial and national particularities, with widely different temperaments, and holding widely differing religious and philosophical views, and then approach them with understanding. Right interest, right understanding, calls forth from the soul the right moral actions.

R. Steiner’s Lecture on St. Francis, Anthroposophical Ethics (1912, Lecture 3)